About silent.

Every author requires an Editor. I offer proof, copy, stylistic, substantive and developmental editing. At this point, I’ve edited over 1 million words of fiction. I haven’t kept count of non-fiction, but I’ve edited scholarship essays, Masters theses, Doctoral dissertations, biographies, promotional materials, entire websites, blog articles, self-help books.

eBooks are an author’s best friend, and often their worst digital nightmare. I speak native .html, .css, .epub. I hand-code all my ebooks. Conversion programs are sloppy in their handling of style sheets. The more the original document was revised, the fatter it grows with all the leftover ‘slag’ styles, which result in slower load times and are prone to layout/display glitches. I average 50% smaller file sizes than .epub conversion apps. [Some distributors charge by the KB.] I take pride in my code.

I have an eye for formatting and layout. [One of the few places my D(igital)OCD has proven useful.] I have years of experience working with ebooks and print-on-demand. I know how to pass approval on book interiors, every time. I love the physicality of print books: the feel, the smell, the weight. Formatting them is not easy, nor quick, but rewarding. Finally holding the print edition always brings a smile (and sense of accomplishment) to my, and the author’s, face. I even know a few talented cover artists.

I know the ins-and-outs, and tricks, for all the top eStores. I have been annoying online-publishing bookstores for years with suggestions/requests/bug-reports. Most have made a few improvements based upon my feedback. I know their systems, all that they do wrong, or differently, or awkwardly, from one another. Including how best to format Descriptions, Keywords, Cover size/type, Titles, Series, etc. The top distributors I work directly with: Google, Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace, GoodReads… those few get your (e)book out to 95+% of the digital world.

I am passionate about Creativity. I have been called a muse, more than twice. I am better at inspiring others than myself. I have consulted with inventors, musicians and authors. I have devised numerous fictional characters for others. I outline their origin story, drop some sample dialog, suggest physical/motivational characteristics, lay out potential encounters. I’ve advised plot changes, designed tie-ins, reordered sections/chapters, revised/improved outcomes, increased hilarity/solemnity. I always enjoy (non-)fictional brainstorming sessions.

I have troubleshot computerized systems for decades; owned and managed four small businesses; been a builder and installer of commercial pro-audio for stadiums/theatres/studios; been an alpha and beta tester of software and hardware; been the administrator, webmaster and postmaster for 150+ domains; held the title of IT Director at a special ed. academy for a decade; helped prototype a series of patented loudspeakers, and a new wind turbine design. I cannot claim to have fully understood all of these systems I have worked with, yet my advice/guidance/troubleshooting has proven invaluable to others.

I am a Justice of the Peace who’s mediated between numerous hostile parties. I have a knack for asking the questions that hadn’t yet been considered. There’s always another way to reach resolution. Having endured many conflicts in my own life, I know from bad to worse to desperate… to possible.

I offer a chance to exhibit my usefulness in your endeavors. Please, send me a sample chapter for editing, and/or mayhap, a rough-draft concept of yours that could use some otherly brain-power/inspiration. All in confidence, of course. I’m happy to demonstrate my potential value to you as a contractor, should I like what I read.

Be well.